Monday, April 07, 2014

Goals for 2014: Checking in

I ran a little late this year with setting goals -- and implementing them.  I set goals for 2014 at the end of January (even though it had been on my mind for weeks already at that time), but I didn't start even thinking about how to start working on my goals until a month later, at the end of February.

Just over another month has passed, and I am happy to say that although my progress isn't stellar by any means, it's nothing to sneeze at, either.

The main thing that I'm proud of is that I have succeeded in blogging most days.  Some weeks I don't do as well, but my Todoist app has kept me honest, and when I miss a day blogging I always make it up.  Interestingly, I've already seen a jump in ad revenue, usually following a lot of blog activity, so it clearly does make a difference.

I also have been working regularly on my NaNo 2013 novel, definitely since April started, but also a little during the last week or so of March, too.  I'm hoping that now that Camp NaNoWriMo has gotten the ball rolling, I'll be able to continue with this pace (which isn't too grueling) after April ends.

I did forget entirely about my plan of reading a classic every month.  I will have to make sure I do that in April.

I haven't made any progress anywhere else, but that's fine because right now I'm focusing on Camp NaNo.  Once that's over, I can get to work on revisions to the first book in my Ruby Ransome series and, after that, overhauling my blogs and websites where needed.


Anonymous said...

I hope that you will succeed in accomplishing all of your goals.


Katharine Swan said...

Thank you, Alexandra! I hope so too! So far it's been rocky, but the year's not over yet, right?


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