Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why can't the IRS spell my name right?

Last year was the first year I made quarterly estimated tax payments in both my name and my husband's. (We were married in 2007, but I kept making them under just my name for the sake of consistency.) Today I received the packet of forms for 2009... And they had my name spelled wrong.


Now, I know that Katharine is apparently very difficult to spell — I get everything from Katherine to Katerhin. (Don't ask me how they got that last one. All I know is it was in a byline and I was pissed.)

But really, this time it's from the IRS. You'd think that would mean something.

Let's hope they are better at social security numbers than they are at names.


Anonymous said...

Make sure to file an official letter with them immediately noting the correct spelling of your name, their incorrect spelling and the social security number. And request a return letter stating it has been corrected on the file. It can come back and haunt you otherwise.

Katharine Swan said...

Hmmmm. Have you heard stories about this kind of thing haunting someone later on? I'm not sure I see how it could. I mean, my SSN is on everything, so I would think it'd be pretty obvious that Katherine with my SSN is the same as Katharine with my SSN.

I was just going to either correct my name on the forms (it's the forms to mail in with quarterly estimated tax payments) or print and fill out the blank forms online. Either way, if they would ever contest whether I paid my estimated taxes, I'd be ready for them. I scan each check and payment coupon, and send everything certified with return receipt. I document EVERYTHING. I'm ready for 'em. :o)


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