Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Freelance writing goals for February

Lori Widmer posted the other day about her January business assessment. I'm not very good at setting regular goals for myself, but that and her post for yesterday — on diversifying — inspired me to set a few goals for my freelance writing business in February.

And, yes, I'm even going to blog about them and make them public! They are:

1) Finish my website updates and get back to marketing

Lori's post on diversifying reminded me that I have been shamefully lax on this subject. I lost a couple of regular clients some months ago, but I was getting so much work from another that I didn't bother to start looking for more. Her post was a reminder of how precarious this position is.

2) Get back up to my normal income in February

In January I made a little over half my normal monthly income. If I'm going to recover properly from January and the holidays, I need to get back up to my normal income levels this month.

Well, there you have it. What are your goals for February?

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