Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Why does blogging get a bad rap?

This week's issue of WritersWeekly had some good stuff! Here's another article that caught my attention: Susan Johnston's success story about ghostblogging. Since at least two-thirds of my work these days is blogging for clients, I was pleased to see this service spoken of positively by another freelance writer.

I personally find that blogging gets a bad rap, particularly among non-writers. When someone asks what I do, if I list "blog writing" as one of my services, I usually either get a blank look, or a very dismissive response. They don't understand that many clients pay — and pay well — for someone to write blog posts on specific subjects or maintain their company blogs.

Perhaps that response has something to do with why writers often don't advertise blogging services, as Johnston mentioned in her article. A lot of people just don't understand what the big deal is.

I think I might try listing blogging services in my next ad, too... Thanks for the idea, Susan!


Anonymous said...

I think blog writing is dismissed because there are thousands of poorly written blogs out there, whether they're paid or not, and many of the blogging jobs that squawk the loudest pay the least.

The person dismissing you probably hasn't read your writing, ghostwritten or otherwise, but something like:

"i gut hme at 3am and puked my guts out till the sun shone. fun!"

and that's what they think "blogging" entails.

Katharine Swan said...

Ha, that made me laugh. :o)

I'm sure you're right.


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