Friday, February 06, 2009

Making connections

One of the things I really about writing is the opportunity to make connections with the people I interview for articles.

Last month I interviewed several people at local charities for an article about how the economy is affecting their organizations. (The issue went to press yesterday — I'll post with the clip soon!) One of the articles was a no-kill cat shelter called the Cat Care Society.

Afterward I told my mom about the shelter (we're a family of animal lovers), and today she and I went up there to donate clothes to their thrift store and visit with the cats. While we were there we fell in love with Ulysses, a big, beautiful 2-year-old who was recently rescued from a feral cat colony.

Cat available for adoption at the Cat Care Society

Apparently Ulysses was pretty anxious in receiving, so when we were visiting today he was in a cage, even though the shelter is normally cage-free. I guess I would be upset too, if I'd just been neutered and was still recovering from a bad case of skin mites.

Today however he seemed eager for attention. We asked about him, and they opened the cage so that he could come out. He obviously felt a little less secure outside of his cage, and yowled at us if we touched any of the sensitive areas on his back. Then he discovered a little catnip toy, and forgot all about being scared or sore!

Isn't he adorable? Makes me wish we didn't have a full house (two cats, two dogs) already.

As we were leaving, we saw the director, whom I had interviewed for my article. She recognized me right off, and we chatted for a few minutes. My mom is talking about volunteering there, and I've offered to donate writing services if they ever have need of them. I feel very fortunate to have made this contact and gotten involved with such a genuinely happy shelter!


Anonymous said...

Trust me, three cats isn't more work than two cats. It'll be worth it to add him to the family.

Katharine Swan said...

We really couldn't do it. We have an 800-square foot house and four pets already, two of those being big (85-pound) dogs. Trust me, when I say we've got a full house already, I mean it. :o(

Rosetta said...

is the animal shelter Wild Blue? Because I volenteer there and we just got a cat named Ulyses and I swear he is the same cat as this! It is sort of hard to tell for me because he is currently shaved and our Ulyses appears blind- althoguh he isn't fully. But our Ulyses is also sensitive on his back area. I swear this is the same cat.

Katharine Swan said...

Rosetta, the shelter was Cat Care Society in Lakewood, Colorado. I've never heard of Wild Blue, so I don't know where you are located. This cat was sensitive on his back because he'd just been brought in a few days before and was still recovering from a bad case of skin mites, and he definitely wasn't blind. Probably not the same cat, but I hope your Ulysses finds a home soon -- I know how hard it can be to place "special needs" animals.


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