Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Taking care of a sick dog

Grace has been sick since last night -- and I mean sick! Almost right after I got into bed last night, I heard her throw up. I left a note for Michael, and sure enough, in the morning he found more vomit. This time, however, it was a huge puddle of it.

While I was trying to fall back asleep after getting the unpleasant news that part of the vomit was on my pretty antique loop rug, she threw up again -- another huge puddle. After Michael and I cleaned that one up, too, he left for work and I went back to bed.

More vomit and a lot of cleaning greeted me when I woke up just before 11am. (Hey, my sleep was interrupted. Gimme a break.) I threw two (modern) rugs in the washing machine, scrubbed, and Lysoled. Luckily, it appears the mess came out of the antique rug.

It appears Grace is done making messes for me to come up, so I am going to (finally) go to work. She seems to be okay, which is nothing short of a miracle to me -- I had no idea an animal could produce so much puke.

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