Thursday, July 12, 2007

Freelance Writer: The perfect job for Mom

There was an article today in the Washington Post stating that more moms prefer part-time work now than they used to. I couldn't help but thinking how being a freelance writer -- part time or full time -- is really ideal, because you get to be home with your kids around the clock. Even if you have other things to do, you're still there.
I know there are a lot of write from home moms who get really irritated when employers' ads say, "Perfect for stay-at-home moms!" Granted, this phrase in an ad usually means, "Since this is so perfect, and you wouldn't be earning any money at all otherwise, I'm actually doing you a favor. Therefore I'm not going to pay you." But the truth is, freelance writing is a good arrangement for moms.

Don't get me wrong -- I think it is incredibly dirty of those employers to use a writer's motherhood to justify lowballing her. I am a big-time champion of living wages for writers -- regardless of whether a writer has a spouse, she needs to be able to pull her own weight at home. In fact, if anything the argument ought to work the other way -- after all, kids are expensive!

However, I've always thought that freelancing is ideal for a mom who wants to be home with her kids. I have never wanted to put my kids in day care -- having seen firsthand what that is like -- so I have always gloried in the fact that my chosen career and my passion would also enable me to stay home when I'm a mom. I'm aware that it'll require some creativity in finding time to work, and that I'll have to get used to the distractions. But to me, it is well worth it.

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