Sunday, July 22, 2007

Morning walks

Michael may have found a way to get me on an earlier schedule: getting me up for a morning walk with the dogs. Both Thursday and Friday of last week, I got up at 7:00 AM (a virtual miracle for me) to walk the dogs with him. Both mornings, we left the house just a few minutes after 7, stopped at Starbucks (coffee for Michael and chai for me), and walked the dogs at our local park. We got back home around 8:00 both times, and Michael finished getting ready and left for work.

The whole thing was a major change for me, but quite a successful change. Basically, it was like adding four hours to my day: because the walk did such a good job of waking me up, I was getting away with sleeping six hours instead of 10 (I've been sleeping through my alarms again lately). I didn't feel very tired during the day, perhaps because of the walk; and when I did, I was able to quickly feel better just by getting up and moving around (also unusual for me).

I'm hoping to keep this schedule up, especially because right now is very busy and I could use the extra hours. Besides that, I feel noticeably better starting off my day with an early morning walk!

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