Friday, July 06, 2007

Panama is coming to town!

A long time ago, I promised some new pictures of Panama. Unfortunately, I got really busy, and completely spaced it. Today, though, I'm finally going to post those pictures... in celebration of the fact that I'm finally bringing Panama out here.

Michael and I found the perfect place to stable Panama. His stall will be good-sized and will have a run attached. The place is quiet and private, which I like. There is also an arena and a round pen where I can work with him as I start training him. It's the next best thing to having horse property ourselves.

Panama still has to be gelded before we can bring him out, so we're going to do that in about a week, I think. He had his hooves trimmed recently, so that's done; all that's remaining is to make sure he is up to date on all of his vaccines.

Anyway, here are the pictures. These are the pictures that Michael's brother took of Panama and Cuervo playing when we were there in March. There are about 150 pictures, so I just chose a few good ones. Unfortunately, they are all of Panama going after Cuervo, so it looks like Panama is the aggressor. In reality, though, Cuervo likes to pick on the horses until he gets them to chase him.

Which reminds me of my biggest concern about bringing Panama out here: separating him from Cuervo and the other horses. Panama has always been pastured, so being in a stall where he is separated from the other horses will no doubt be difficult for him. And being separated from his buddy Cuervo will probably be even more upsetting.

I hope this really is for the best for Panama. He's not getting as much human attention there as he should, and certainly not any training. But here he won't have the same herd-like environment.

Well, anyway, here are those pictures!

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