Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is Freelance Work Exchange a scam?

This is a very long post, but the information contained in it is potentially very important, so please bear with me.

On Monday I read a very alarming post on Denver's Craigslist, by a writer who felt he may have been scammed by Freelance Work Exchange. For those of you who don't know, Freelance Work Exchange is a job board for freelance writers - they've been advertising a lot lately, particularly for a $2.95 trial membership. This writer decided to try it out, but quickly found that the site was not useful, and tried to cancel the membership.

So here's the catch: how do you make money off trial memberships? The dishonest answer to this question is, "Make it impossible to cancel before the trial is over, of course!"

Unfortunately, the writer's post - which I feel contained some very important information for other writers - was flagged and removed. He posted again with the same complaint against Freelance Work Exchange, but no doubt the new post will be removed, as well, so I am going to copy and paste it (I have his permission) here:

"Here's what happened to me... www.freelanceworkexchange.com offers a trial of their web service for $2.95 for 7 days, with an "easy/no hassle" cancellation policy. I did not find the service of value - in my opinion, there's very little in the way of listings for freelance advertising copywriters. So on the 6th day I tried to cancel, but the website simply does not allow you to do it. When you make an attempt, it keeps sending you to different links, trying to convince you to stay. Finally you end up back on the home page with no way of canceling. It is so obviously set up this way so people get bounced around so much they become frustrated and give in. In my opinion and only my opinion, it is an out and out scam.

"I emailed the person in charge of their support department, Matt Corke and told him of the problem. He sent me back an email with the same link to try to cancel. I wrote him back and said that the link didn't work and I needed confirmation from him that I was officially cancelled. The next day I called and a woman named Tracy told me I would definitely be cancelled and no charge would show up on my card. Well, a few days later my VISA debit card was charged $29.95. The problem was that the charge put my account into overdraft and I was charged $30 from my bank on top of the $29.95 charge. I wrote Matt Corke back, but he did not reply. I called the next day and a woman named Stacey promised I'd get a return from Matt but again he did not reply. The next day I called a guy named Robert who gave me the same BS line. Today I emailed Mr. Corke for the last time, notifying that I would contact several consumer agencies if he didn't reply. All I asked for was the courtesy of a simple reply and a refund of my money. Once again, no reply. It is my opinion that this company is committing fraud and needs to be stopped. I have all my emails and all calls logged. People who complained on the various websites have been charged consecutive months and can't stop it. I had to go thru the trouble of canceling my debit card and applying for a new one."

I emailed this writer in response to his first post, and suggested that he email Angela Hoy at Writers Weekly. He sent out a mass email today; I guess I was not the only one who suggested this line of attack. And although Angela did not mention Freelance Work Exchange's name, this article was included in her weekly ezine: "Beware When Joining Writing Sites With Your Credit Card!" The article is a blanket warning to writers about joining sites that require a membership fee and request a credit card number in order to fill it.

The writer's mass email also includes quotes from other responses he has gotten, people who have had similar experiences with Freelance Work Exchange:

"I'm a fellow writer and I had the same experience with Freelanceworkexchange... and trying to cancel my subscription through them - to be honest, from the start I could never even log on, my password never worked and I never go an answer from my inquiries on that, let alone anything else."

"Oh boy, it wasn't just me then... They were a nightmare to deal with. I let them know the day after the trial started that I wanted to cancel, but to no avail (or response from them) I called numerous times, left messages, and finally stumbled on the link myself and managed to cancel, but only after $29.95 had been billed to my PayPal account. To date, I've not been able to get a refund."

"I wanted to let you know that I also fell for the Freelance Work Exchange scheme. I paid the 2.95 and found that the website was completely useless. I sent an e-mail to the customer service department, and had no response whatsoever. Somehow, however, I found a phone number to call about the $29.95 charge, and after waiting on hold for about half an hour, I was able to cancel my subscription. I did not go through the hassle you did, but I wanted to write and tell you that I agree with you that Freelance Work Exchange is a total rip off."

"Thank you for posting your complaint on Craigslist. I, too, have experienced, and am still experiencing, problems cancelling my membership with Freelance Work Exchange. I have now been charged for three or four months in a row, since I informed Matt twice that I wished to cancel... I didn't find the business to be helpful either; for one thing, I never saw ads on FWE that weren't listed on other freelance job sites that are free."

"Thank God I didn't give this company my credit card number! I am a writer, and I clicked on the post for this company last week; however, as I was looking through their site, I couldn't figure out why they asked for my CC, when in their original post it had stated FREE SERVICE."

"I initially signed up for the trial offer, with the cost taken out of my bank account. I got a bad feeling after the first emails they sent. I was not happy with them having my bank info. I cancelled and it was OK. But they operate like a scam. There enough resources for freelance writers that are free and that consumer watch for us struggling writers."

"Something similar happened to me with that site. I signed up for the same 7 day trial and when it was over, I was automatically signed up for a membership and charged $29.95 for the next month."

"I, too, came across this Web site but wasn't willing to give them $2.95 for a trial. I expect FREE for a trial offer - when they charge, alarm bells should go off."

"The password I was issued didn’t work and I had difficulty contacting someone to help me.The experience was frustrating. Eventually, the password that I was issue worked, but only after a couple of days emailing, AND, after I had cancelled my subscription. That is what I did once I realized that I may be on the verge of being ripped off."

"I signed on for one of their services too because the ad I say said it was "free service". It was only after I got their confirmation e-mail that I saw anything saying you had to pay to join, just one more LIE."

"I had signed up for the 'trial' from Freelanceworkexchange.com as well, and did the cancel run-around with their 'unsubscribe' bullshit. After reading your post, I checked my bank account, and sure enough, $29.95 was missing."

The warnings contained in these people's words are alarming, to say the least. Moreover, it seems there are two scams here: the "free trial" offer ad, which immediately takes you to a page on their site offering a paid trial offer, and the difficulty (or impossibility?) trial members have apparently experienced in attempting to cancel their subscription.

I myself ran across one of their ads; I think it was at the end of last week. It was an offer for a free trial membership, much as others I have quoted have mentioned. I was confused as to why I was suddenly staring at a page that was requesting $2.95 for this "free" membership, but I didn't think about it long; I simply returned to my normal job search.

Since reading about this apparent scam on Monday, I did a little research on my own. At first, all my Google search pulled up was testimonials in the company's favor, but eventually I realized that it all seemed to be the same one or two testimonials, reprinted everywhere. Interesting. Then I ran across this: a complaint about Freelance Work Exchange on My3cents.com.

I don't know if this is really fraud or not, but it sure seems like it to me. I wanted to make all of the information I have available to other writers; it's your right to know what's going on in the freelance world and make the decision for yourself.

I have to say, though, in my opinion no one should ever charge a writer for work. There are, as one of these victims and near-victims pointed out, plenty of resources available for writers for free. Regardless of whether this site is authentic, it's still - in my opinion - a scam to charge someone for the same thing they can get elsewhere for free.

Regardless of what you think about Freelance Work Exchange, please take to heart the general warning that Angela Hoy and others are trying to communicate, and be very careful who you give your credit card information to, regardless what they are promising you!


Anonymous said...

Hi - This is Rob Palmer, President of Freelance Work Exchange.

First of all, I would like to assure you that we intend to offer the best possible service to all our members. Only a small minority have ever encountered any difficulty canceling, and we are happy to help anyone who needs help with this, or any other issue.

You can contact me on rob(at)freelanceworkexchange

Katharine Swan said...


Perhaps only a small minority have experienced problems, but that's still a risk writers must consider before signing up for your service.

Additionally, many of your users have commented that the jobs are the same ones they can find on free job boards. Why would anyone want to pay for something they can get for free elsewhere? And why would they risk becoming a part of your "small minority" for something that is readily available?

If anyone is looking for freelance writing jobs, I recommend these free sites:
Deb's freelance job board
Writers Weekly
FreelanceWriting.com's new job board - watch out for the low-paying jobs!
The Write Jobs

There should be enough there to keep you busy!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rob, I signed up for this Freelance Work Exchange offer as well last Thursday, November 30, 2006. I tried to login immediately with no luck.... invalid login message. I've tried to go through the Help Desk Pilot, tried to reply to the bulk spam type emails, tried to email through my paypal account contact link and have sent emails to rob@freelanceworkexchange, matt@freelanceworkexchange and steve@freelanceworkexchange to ask for help logging in. All to no avail. Never have I received any information on how to log in. I have just sent several emails to cancel the membership, however, now I see these posts so I am sure that I am going to have the same luck.... none.

Could someone please post the telephone number to cancel?

Can they charge my paypal account even though I changed my password?

Thanks to all and NO THANKS to freelance work exchange.

Dianna Collins

Katharine Swan said...

I wish I knew the phone number so that I could help you out. In searching for it, however, I ran across these interesting tidbits:

Writers Weekly Whispers and Warnings, 6-6-2001

Writers Weekly Whispers and Warnings, 6-19-2006

Best of luck! Please report back and let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

My experience was very simliar to that listed by Dianna Collins. I signed up for the $2.95 trial period. Now maybe I missed the small print, but I don't recall reading that it would cost me $29.95 a month. I never would have signed up if I'd realized that. I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt on that measure however.

But my problem was also that I could never, never log in. I used the exact same info that I signed up with. But my login was never reconized. During the trial period, I tried repeatedly to log in and to contact someone at the site. I never received a response.

I was shocked with the $29.95 charge hit. Again, I'm willing to admit I may have missed that. But the only recourse I had was to cancel the subscription through my Paypal account.

I contacted Angela Hoy at Writers Weekly who directed me to other complaints.

If Rob Palmer really exists, I'd like some answers. And since my account never worked, I'd like my money back.

I'll be blogging about this myself tonight.

Katharine Swan said...


Thank you for posting your story. Feel free to post the link to your own blog, too.

I am curious as to when this happened to you. Rob Palmer claimed it was a problem only a "small minority" had had, yet it seems that complaints are still coming in. At least half a dozen visitors to my blog every day get here from Googling "Freelance Work Exchange" or "Freelance Work Exchange scam."

If Freelance Work Exchange wants to salvage its reputation at all, they need to fix their website so that members can login and cancel, and improve their customer service so that members can get help when they need it.

Anonymous said...

It appears FWE is still running the same (dodgy) website even into 2007. After reading many sites reporting scam websites, FWE comes up VERY often. I too have experienced the same problems as the majority, but have learnt when signing up for anything - always find out how to cancel/get out it before giving any C/C details or bank details and always read the fine print - it may not seem important at the time but down the track it can be invaluable.
PS -If you go into the FWE forum it is filled with complaints....

Anonymous said...

PS to the previous post - the FWE forum has been unavailable now for over a week due to "upgrading of software". Hmmmmm.......

Katharine Swan said...


Thank you for your input and for updating the FWE epic. It is especially interesting that their forum has so many complaints - and that it has been unavailable for the last week. I wonder if they have felt the need to censor their own users' complaints...

Anna Maria Junus said...

Thank you for this information!

I was looking at that site today and was confused at how free means 2.95 for seven days. And then I wondered what they automatically charge after seven days. And then I decided to google it to find out what other people are saying.

I will be refering your blog on my blog.

And thanks for the links to the legit boards.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone - This is Billy from Malaysia. I've been looking that freelancework exchange for quite a few days now, and were about to give the Trial a Shot. In fact, the payment page is still running in the background this moment. And i thought, why not search FWE Scam at Yahoo, and Taddaa.. out came this in the list.
To all of you, not FWE, thank you very much, and i love you all, not FWE.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I singed up freelance Work exchange after reading up about it on their website and it all sounded very convincing. However, I logged in to my e-mail account tonight and discovered a load of e-mails from the website which read like spam so I went straight to my paypal account and cancelled the subscription and had no problem. The rule is; know what you are getteing in to and how to get out!

Sea said...

Freelance Work Excahnge has now become "Go Freelance." The same Rob Palmer seems to be the CEO.I didn't sign up. I thought it sounded unbelievable so I did a search and found your blog. So, just in case you think Freelance Work Exchange is the only scam out there, Go Freelance is the next in the long line.

Katharine Swan said...


Thank you for your comment. I did post about the change in name — you can read the post here.

I have also posted quite a few times since this initial post. You can read more about Freelance Work Exchange and GoFreelance.com at the following locations:

A note from Rob Palmer

GoFreelance.com: Still a scam?

GoFreelance.com fails AGAIN to keep Rob Palmer's promises

Nicky said...

Ha! Small number. Well, add me to that number! I tried to cancel FOUR different times. I subsequently was charged for TWO months AFTER i canceled BEFORE my trial subscription ended. Total scam. Complete and utter scam.

Katharine Swan said...


I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting us know that as of November 2007, the problem is still, well, a problem.

dreamweaver said...

hi.im yong from Malaysia.I also try to find freelance work and i find the $2.97 also.I send support ticket first to them , but NONE is got reply.So That"s SCAM. dissapointed. Are u all have freelance typing job...very need...if have can e-mail me...thanks a lot but not FWE also.
my e-mail:djong0113@yahoo.com

Katharine Swan said...


Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm sorry to hear you have had problems with FWE. However, I do think that before you continue your job search, you need to improve your English skills. Even if you are looking for a typing job, rather than a writing job, employers want to hire typists who can catch mistakes as they type — whether their own mistakes, or mistakes in the text that they are typing.

Thanks again for visiting, and good luck!

dreamweaver said...

hi.my English is just ok ,so difficult to do freelance writing.My typing accuracy can 100% catching mistake ok ...but difficult to find freelance typing . can u introduce me some? needs your help...

Katharine Swan said...


I'm sorry, but if you are looking for English-language typing jobs, I think you need to know the language first in order to do a good job.

In your previous post, you spelled disappointed as "dissapointed." You also said "Are u all have freelance typing job...very need..." which is wrong in SO many ways.

If you don't know English grammar and spelling, you cannot catch mistakes in the material you are supposed to be typing. It will also be much more difficult to catch your own mistakes.

I do not feel comfortable recommending a typist whom I don't feel can do a good job. However, once your English improves I will be happy to help you find work.

Anonymous said...


I have read your comments in regards to gofreelance.com, formerly freelanceworkexchange.com, and I must say I am relieved that I had came across this blog before I make the biggest mistake in my life. Thank you so much.

Also I am looking for Freelance Typing/ Administrative Support jobs and hope you would or anyone could recommend some websites (Scam Free).

Thank you.

dreamweaver said...

i even think can use auto correction or some software...thanks...i will improve my english first.
except freelance work, are u do network marketing or internet marketing or making money online ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Katharine!
Not sure if y'all are aware of this 'other' advertiser called "The Jackal" for freelance jobs that appears to be linked to the former FWE, now Go Freelance!:

This was a link on a Go Freelance! e-mail I received:

This was a link on a "The Jackal" e-mail I received:

Notice anything? Both have "aweber.com" addresses!

"The Jackal" was advertising something where you send a $1.00 fee, making it seem ALMOST FREE, to get something he called "The Work At Home Manifesto".

On "The Jackal" e-mails is a web address that has never worked:

and also this physical address:
3116 S Mill Ave Suite #119
Tempe, AZ. 85282
(Anybody in Tempe want to check it out? My bet is this is a p.o. box.)

"The Jackal" can sound tempting, as he purports to be blunt in telling you what he calls 'the real truth'.

I'd say the 'real truth' is:


Anonymous said...

Me again: I found another one that seems to be associated with the same 'aweber.com' sites:

Called "Top Home Jobs" in the header for the e-mails, claims to be from a "Rebecca Kingsley,
Work at Home Group Senior Editor"
with a web-link:


taking you to a website claiming to be titled HomeSurveyWorkers.com

If you click on the links to set up an account, it takes you to a page advertising "Paid Survey Software" at a cost of $54.95, with a special price 'today only' of $29.95.

Looks pretty fishy to me...I especially liked the logo claiming that they are a 'valued member' of something called 'Honest Online Jobs'--whatever that means...

Katharine Swan said...


Thanks for the comments. Pretty interesting information. Honest Online Jobs is probably their own invention. :o)

Seriously, though, they are obviously trying to gain the same respect that comes from being a member of a trusted organization, such as the Better Business Bureau. However, I prefer to consider why they would choose an obscure (or invented) organization, rather than joining the BBB...

Regardless of who it is, my policy is:

Don't pay money for work, and don't pay money for anything someone claims is "the real truth"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I'll give everybody one guess how I found this blog - Yes, I googled Freelance Work Exchange. Anyway, I found a job offer for a transcriptionist on Craigslist Montreal and replied. I was sent an email immediately that appeared to be spam. One thing led to another and voila....I was presented w/ the $2.95 trial. I have tons of spam coming into my hotmail account from another company which also offers a trial membership for $2.95. I have a feeling they are the same company.

Another important factor is that both of the companies emails have links which contain "aweber" in the address.

Luckily, I didn't sign up for their "service".


Katharine Swan said...


Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you didn't get sucked into the Freelance Work Exchange/GoFreelance.com trial membership, but I'm sorry to hear about the spam.

It sounds like you have some similar information as other commenters on this post. Thanks for sharing -- hopefully everyone's input will help others stay away from this and similar memberships!

Scobie said...

Katharine, et al:

It is 2008 and Go Freelance still appears to be a scam. I, too, came across this posting via google. My search terms were Go Freelance and aweber. As with others,I had responded to an ad on Craigs list and was diverted to Go Freelance. Initially, they offered a $2.95 trial but I was hesitant about responding. I receive daily emails from them and others whose links lead back to aweber. Now they are offering a "free" 7 day trial - you still have to provide payment information for when the trial period ends. This led me to do my search as I was sorely tempted.

Thanks to all for the heads up.


Katharine Swan said...


As always, I'm glad my blog can be of service! If Go Freelance is now offering a free trial, they are evidently ramping up their efforts. Scary thought.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

First and foremost thanks Katherine for doing such a great job of alerting those who are interested in online or work at home jobs about these scammers. To all that have been scammed by this company you should absolutely report these incidences to the following FBI contact for Internet and Cyber Fraud:


Anonymous said...

Please excuse if this is a duplicate post.

First and foremost, Katherine thank you. You are commended for you efforts to alert those who are simply trying to find online/work at home jobs sources.

To all of you who have been scammed by this company or who have experienced similar situtions with other companies on the internet you need to report these incidents to the following FBI Internet/Cyber Crime Division at:


Again thanks Katherine for this public service you are providing to all of us who are serious writers looking for real work.


Kevin Scott said...

FYI: I know this is an old post, but I came across it doing some keyword research for one of my sites.

I wanted to make something clear: Aweber.com, mentioned by a couple of your commentators, is a list management company and is not the "evil" company behind scams. The links go through the Aweber.com service because Aweber.com allows users to track click throughs when they send out a bulk emial.

Aweber.com is a company I have done business with for years and I have found it to be one of the most ethical.

I hope that clears up any confusion.

Katharine Swan said...


Thanks for explaining Aweber.com to us. I'm not surprised to hear it's an email service that tracks click-throughs. However, I would hesitate to call Aweber.com ethical, because I think a truly ethical company would screen their clients a little better.

Unknown said...

Hi Katharine..
Thank you for warning us about this site - Go Freelance. I keep getting their ads and, although I'm a freelance professional indexer, I thought of subscribing to Go Freelance for typing jobs or proofreading jobs which I could do between indexing jobs. I even asked a friend in Brooklyn to check if their office address was genuine and he said it seemed so. Finally I decided to google on it and now, reading your experiences, I'll surely steer clear of it..
Where could I find genuine freelance jobs, like typing or even indexing?

Unknown said...

guys let me explain.I also just paid 2.95.

what is going on is there is a duplicate site resembling exactly like the advert page of FWE.FWE charges 7 dollars a week trial and 39.95. This how ever charged 3 dollars a week and 29.95.

I did manage to make a account in FWE not with gold or anything... my 2.95 is wasted 100% i believe .I thought hey,... let me do that forgot the password thing when they mail you all the detail.In the original site i clicked paid with paypal not received information.. and it bought me to new account signing page... anyway i created and joined.

Secondly i joined with no gold account.. i am not saying there is not one . I am saying there is cheating going on , on both fronts.Anyway i had access to their site from a membership i dont know which one it is because i just created account and looked anywhere for status incaseit said trial and the money went to right place and not a scammer.

there is no place where it says that on FWE. There is no place for you to send or receive money from your clients in FWE and i did see a page for cancelling in FWE and it gave instructions.

By the way i paid through paypal just today.... mistake i had nothing to do so i thought lets try a new site... what a fool i am..this never happens to me i am usually alert.

i canceling prescription through paypal. you click on my account history then on tab subscriptions and cancel the subscription so paypal wont send money in future.

Anonymous said...

Gawd...is there any website..ANY WEBSITE AT ALL that can treat a person precicely as they promice? Imagine if ALL humans were to interact and communicate with each other by utilizing ONLY the truth. Oh, well....I guess that would be unimagineable, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hi... Katharine, I'm Elaine from Malaysia. 14 years working experience as a Secretary. I'm 33 weeks pregnant now with my first child, have just resigned from my full-time job, desperately in need of a Freelance Typing Job.

I'd sent you an email form via. your website, hope you'd managed to receive my email.

Hope you could hire me, or perhaps introduce me to other companies in US for a home-based typing job.

I'll be truly grateful. Appreciate your reply soonest. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi... Katharine, I'm Elaine from Malaysia. 14 years working experience as a Secretary. I'm 33 weeks pregnant now with my first child, have just resigned from my full-time job, desperately in need FOR a Freelance Typing Job.

I'd sent you an email form via. your website, hope you'd managed to receive my email.

Hope you could hire me, or perhaps introduce me to other companies in US for a home-based typing job.

I'll be truly grateful. Appreciate your reply soonest. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I am based in Australia and was about to sign up also but these warnings make me hesitant. I may even send this information to two of our major TV programs which I have contact details for (i work in advertising) andwho investigate such scams to verify if it is such. They may be able to track him down and get some answers. hmmmm I really hope it is legitimate. I am generally a trusting person. Yet your expereinces all sound grounded and too similar for it to be anything else but a scam. Will see what comes of it. Your thoughts Katherine?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your advice, I was just about to sign up myself.

You might be able to contact Rob Palmer through the contact details on his website www.robpalmer.com. It gives an address and phone number as shown below.

Contact Rob Palmer

If you would like to discuss this book or other projects further, you can contact Rob as follows:

Tel: +612 4385 1753 (Sydney time)

Email: rob@robpalmer.com

Mail: 127 Beaufort Road, Terrigal, NSW 2260, Australia

Anonymous said...

I have been the victim of a similar scam. Here is how I handled the problem with all of my money being returned. I filed a complaint with my bank, and with their help completed an affadavit. I then contacted my State Attorney General's office (consumer complaint division), and go help. Good luck fellow writers.


Chandra Mohan Dasti said...

I also victim for this GoFreelance, this can't ban this by government, they are cheating like hell.

Actually i want to see through trail by paying 7 dollars and that i paid through Paypal account, i didn't know their terms and conditions, immediately after 7th days they deducted 49.95.

Anybody please help that how can i get refunded?

Anyway i am going to cancel that subscription.


Katharine Swan said...

Anonymous (with the contact info),

I'm sure people have tried that. The problem is he doesn't return emails, the customer service team sends you in circles, and the website doesn't provide any help at all. Every option is a dead end.

Which is why I think it's a scam.


That's good advice. Thanks for sharing!


It sounds like you didn't read the terms to realize you'd have to cancel before the trial period was over. That's your bad, I'm afraid, and I'm not sure there's anything you can do to get refunded. Good luck cancelling your subscription.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem. Paid $7 for the trial but could not get my account cancelled and kept getting charged $49.95 for three months in a row now. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. You can google both of those to get to the sites to file complaints!

Anonymous said...

The idea of being self-employed is very appealing, but you really have to be careful -- there are tons of scams online, ready to take advantage of people who want to work from home or make quick cash.

I think it's good practice to be skeptical of anything that promises easy money and overnight wealth. That just isn't reality. Real small businesses require some effort in order to work, such as this business opportunity.

The best thing is to always research any business opportunity before diving in. If you think it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm so very grateful for this. I am sorry others have had headaches through dealing with Go Freelance and lost money. I was browsing through a shopping site (shopsafeusa.com) which has jobs and employment in their shopping category. I clicked on it and Go Freelance was on the page along with Monster and other sites. When I clicked on Go Freelance and found I had to join before I could see anything, I decided to google "Go Freelance Scam". Thank goodness! I really appreciate Katharine and all of the rest of the comments.

Margy in Japan (wishing I was back in the states!)

Katharine Swan said...

Anonymous, I'm glad you Googled before you signed up! I wish more people would. I'm glad my blog could help!


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