Thursday, May 11, 2006

Reading for Writers: The book review blog!

You've probably noticed that I tend to review a lot of books for writer on my blog. I've decided to call this "column" Reading For Writers, and make it into its own blog. You'll notice I've already added this new blog to my list of links on the right.

For the most part, Swan's Blog is what you might call "writer's soup." Some posts are tips for writers, some posts link to interesting information on other sites for writers, and some posts are journal-like entries about my writing life. Then there's also the more personal stuff - posts that link to politically charged articles or issues, or simply narratives of my daily life. Even though much of this content is only loosely related, I thought my reviews had become common enough that they deserve their own blog.

Thus was born Reading For Writers. Please check it out. Right now it's in the beginning stages, but for a while I plan on posting reviews fairly frequently, both because I want to build the blog's content and because I have a lot to review at the moment. Once the blog is fairly established, I'll start posting once a week.


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