Thursday, May 18, 2006

A new site for writers

A little while back I blogged on problems with Freelance Work Exchange. A lot of the freelance job boards I check regularly have been pointing out recently that you can find jobs for free - probably the same jobs as are posted on paid membership sites like Freelance Work Exchange. And while I agree with that, I've started using a site lately that I think is a good compromise.

It's called Writerlance.com. The way the site works, you bid on writing gigs, and only if you get the gig do you pay a commission to the company. You see a lot of different people bidding on the jobs - everyone from beginners and low-ballers (you know, the wannabe writers that bid a few bucks for a project), to experienced professionals. You also see clients who are looking for those stupid enough to write a gazillion words for a couple of bucks, but they're offset by the clients who want good work for a reasonable price. I just got a gig on that site the other day; the project is already finishing and the client has paid me. Although Writerlance.com probably won't provide you with all your writing work, it certainly can supplement what you already get.

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