Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gossip and warnings to writers still belong here

Even though I'm now reviewing Writers Weekly articles on my other blog, Reading for Writers, I still think any warnings, gossip, or other writing-related mentions go here - even if they are contained in the ezine. This forum thread, included in the weekly "Whispers and Warnings" section, particularly caught my attention: it's about a publishing company that is refusing to give writers contracts.

Now, I have to admit that although at first I was stellar about getting contracts for all my jobs, lately I just haven't been insisting. I have at least half-a-dozen jobs with no contract right now. So far I haven't had any problem with people not paying, but it's too early to tell on some of them...

I've heard that emails can stand in place of a contract, if they state the agreement, but I don't know that for sure - or if they would carry the same weight in court. I'm going to look into it. I'll let you know what I find out...

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