Monday, March 20, 2006

A worthwhile article about the myths of freelance writing

Today, while searching for available freelance jobs, I ran across this article about the myths of freelance writing. The article does a good job of addressing the myths of the industry...and why they're myths. Myths one, three, and five are all somewhat related: you can break into the industry, and you can make a living from it, but the best way to do it is by starting in the small markets. You basically have to establish a name for yourself before you will be given free reign to write what you want - and get paid for it. Starting small enables you to build your portfolio; once you have clips to prove that you are a worthwhile writer, it'll be easier to break into the markets where you want to be. For example, what I really want to be writing is fiction, but it's a lot harder to break into the fiction market. Instead, I've been writing nonfiction pieces for about a year, and it's finally paid off: I have a short story appearing in a local D.C. paper and on their website later this week. (I'll post the details of that to my blog and my portfolio once the piece is live, so that you can take a look.)

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