Thursday, March 02, 2006

If it's not one distraction, it's another!

I've mentioned several times how distracting I've found it to have Michael home; even though I'm not taking care of him as much anymore, it's still difficult to focus on writing with him around. Yesterday and today, however, I did a few hours of work for one of my families - the first time I've worked outside of the house since before Michael's surgery. It was really frustrating to realize that I can now earn more with a few hours of freelancing than I do with a few hours of babysitting or other work (and I don't have a commute). However, it's equally as frustrating to be home for that amount of time and not get as much done as I know I can, simply because Michael is here.

However, I'll have another month to try out just freelancing, as one of the families I work for the most is going on vacation, and the other is having a baby. In other words, I have only my writing to depend on for the next four weeks. I hope March proves to be as lucrative as February was!

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