Friday, March 31, 2006

The beginnings of our house makeover

Although very little needs to be done to our house before we move in, there are a few changes we want to make - the fun stuff, as Michael puts it. The main stuff that we're doing prior to our move-in date is painting the interior walls to coordinate with the rooms' intended decorations, and uncovering the original hardwood floors.

Tonight we started by taping off the trim in the living room. The living room and two walls of the kitchen are going to be the same color, which we will start painting tomorrow. I've never painted before, so I don't know how much time it takes, but Michael says we can't get it all done this weekend. In that case, I guess we're hoping to get the living room and kitchen painted; during the week, I'll uncover the hardwood in the living room and see what needs done to it. (I'm anticipating a little scratch cover, possibly a little minor patchwork - meaning I'll have to find a stain that matches, or at least comes close - and a layer of finish, which in this case appears to be the older, water-based finish. Water-based and oil-based finishes can't be mixed, so I'll have to make sure of that before I start.)

Michael took pictures when we first toured the house, so I will be sure to post before-and-after pictures as we finish up the house makeover.

In any case, tomorrow will be a long day of painting, followed by a long evening of babysitting, so I had better get the rest of tonight's work done and get to bed!

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