Monday, July 24, 2023

Accountability and Progress: Week 9

Last week, man... Last week was a hot mess.  It felt like everything conspired to keep me from what I was intending to work on.

Realistically, I knew about a lot of it in advance.  I had a farrier appointment for my horses, my dad had a procedure I needed to drive him to and from (and waited with him beforehand and while he was in surgery), and (on a happier note) I had a ride scheduled with a friend on Friday.

Looking back at last week's post, I guess I did expect my time during the week to be limited.  My goal was to try to focus on my cleanup and organization project, which I did get a little done on, but not as much as I had hoped!

This coming week will be a little limited too.  This afternoon I am actually writing this post from the cancer center at the hospital; my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and today is his first chemo treatment, so I wanted to be here with him.  As a result, today's productivity will be limited, as I can only work on my computer and my focus will be a little iffy.  I also have a ride and potentially a quick farrier appointment (to fix a shoe that's coming off already) later in the week, but I've scheduled a lot around those things, as there is a lot I've been putting off that I want to get done this week.  We'll see how that goes.

Here's the rundown.

Doll stringing ebook: I'm glad I didn't put pressure on myself to work on this last week, as I would just have felt bad when I didn't accomplish anything.  I do have this scheduled for later this week, but on a quieter day so that it's hopefully more likely to happen.

Ruby Ransome: I've officially decided to defer this to August.  That's only a week away, but I have a feeling this week would be better spent prioritizing a few other things.

Blogging and website maintenance: Other than the weekly blog post, I didn't get much else done with my blogs and websites last week.  I probably need to start working more with affiliate links soon, but I'm not going to worry about it this coming week.  I did get some work done on social media posts and reels for promoting my doll business.

Other projects: I did have a little more work for the museum last week, such as an emergency board meeting to approve some work, and some time I spent brainstorming with another volunteer for future events.  I also did get a little work done on the cleaning and organizing, including some time I think I forgot to track in Toggl, but I still have plenty more that needs to get done, hopefully this week!

With so much going on this week, I am going to prioritize finishing the cleanup in a few high priority areas.  Once that's done, I need to do some doll repair, photography (for the doll stringing ebook), and filming (for my websites and social media), so I really need those spaces clean for that.

Hopefully the more relaxed schedule this week will make it a little easier to manage my time!

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