Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Accountability and Progress: Week 8

This week has started out like a herd of cats, which is why it's Tuesday and I'm just now writing this.

Last week I talked about how the holiday week had made productivity a little difficult, but I was still pleased with what I'd gotten done, and had big plans for the week.  And you know, my Toggl report for the week does show a pretty productive week.  Early in the week, I blogged, worked on Instagram posts for my doll business, and turned my business logo for the doll business into a watermark for photos and videos (something I'm pretty pleased with).  Later in the week, most of my time was consumed with dog sitting and prepping for a doll museum event on the weekend that I was helping with.

I'd had too much planned though, so some things got shuffled off to this week, and I've already kicked off the week by deferring much of yesterday's stuff to later in the week as well.  It's at least partly a busyness hangover from the weekend, but I'm trying to put myself back to work today so I can salvage the rest of the week.

I already know Thursday won't be super productive, as I'm taking my dad to a minor outpatient surgery in the morning and expect to be told to stay with him for at least the rest of the day.  But with any luck I can get a few important things done with the remaining two and a half days this week (the rest of today, Wednesday, and Friday).

Here's the rundown.

Doll stringing ebook: This did get deferred again, and I'm considering reevaluating my week and pushing this to next week.  Maybe I'll have more of a chance to work on it if I schedule it for early in the week.

Ruby Ransome: At this point I'm acknowledging to myself that I'm not going to succeed at Camp NaNoWriMo this July.  I'm considering deferring work on my novel to August so that I can focus right now on getting caught up on some things I need to do around the house and for my doll business.

Blogging and website maintenance: I'm pleased with the work I did on my blogs and websites, as well as my social media.  Social media especially is important for my doll business.  I'm lumping the work on my logo and watermark into this category, since it was primarily created for my social media pictures and video, and social media is more or less an extension of my websites.

Other projects: As expected, the museum event prep and the event itself took up a large chunk of my time last week as well as over the weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to as much of the cleaning and organizing as I'd wanted, so for now I'm deferring my writing projects so I can focus and get this done.  It's really keeping me from moving forward on some of my most important (and income-generating) projects.

Since I'm expecting my availability to be more limited this week, it'll be important to prioritize as much as possible.  For right now I'm prioritizing my cleanup and organization project and not much else, in the hopes of finally making some much-needed progress!

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