Monday, July 10, 2023

Accountability and Progress: Week 7

As expected, last week was a bit of a cluster.  Between my husband being off on Monday, the holiday Tuesday, and then the mad scramble to try to make a regular week out of three days, I didn't get everything done I'd wanted.  Plus we started house/dog sitting for my husband's parents on Wednesday, so I am returning home every day to feed the cats.  To top it all off, I picked up another dog on Thursday, one who can't be left alone very easily, so either one of us had to be at my in-laws' house or we had to take the dog with us all weekend.

Despite the challenges, I'm pretty happy with what I got done last week.  It hasn't been mentioned before in my weekly blog posts, but one of the items languishing on my to-do list has been revamping my logo for my doll business, Against Doll Odds.  I wanted to finish working on the logo so that I could redesign my business cards and create some other printed materials.  I worked on that for a long time, and while I'm not ready to place my orders yet, I have finished designs for new business cards, hang tags for dolls I work on, and stickers.

Here is the rest of the rundown for last week, and my goals for the coming week:

Doll stringing ebook: As expected, with the short week I didn't get anything done on this last week.  I had mentioned last week how this kept getting shifted back, week after week, so I was going to try to do it earlier in the week this week. It is currently scheduled for Wednesday, which isn't as early as I'd originally planned, but can't be helped.

Ruby Ransome: I was planning on restarting work on Ruby Ransome last week for Camp NaNoWriMo, but with all the busyness Monday and Tuesday, and the chaos of the rest of the week, it didn't happen.  I'm hoping to get started this week, even if I don't get as much done as I had planned this month.

New novel idea: I'm going to drop this off the list as I'm setting it aside for now.  I'll pick it back up once the draft for Ruby is finished.

Blogging and website maintenance: I did schedule blogging time on my calendar last week, but most of it got pushed aside when the shortened week got too busy too fast.  This is when I'm really glad for this exercise of blogging about my goals and progress every week, though, because writing this post reminded me that I wanted to work on some new posts with affiliate links.  I'm scheduling a little blogging on my calendar to work on that.

Other projects: With the holiday week and the house/dog sitting, I didn't get much time to work on cleaning and organizing this past week.  This needs to be a priority this week because it is interfering with my ability to take pictures and work on dolls, so I currently have it scheduled for today (though today is quickly slipping away from me).  Hopefully once I get it all clean and organized, I can keep it that way, too.

Other projects also include some doll work, filming, and also prepping for an event at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys this weekend (I'm on the museum board and often volunteer to help put together events).  So I know that will take up some of my time as well, during the week as well as on the weekend.  I also need to get to work on selling things, as I've been talking about for a few weeks now; I know I don't have time this week, so I'm going to tentatively schedule it for next week.

Funny how being an adult means that I'm weirdly pleased I have a full week ahead of me to work on all of this, instead of a partial week interrupted by a holiday.  I do have a lot I want to accomplish, so hopefully I can get a fair bit of it done!

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