Monday, July 03, 2023

Accountability and Progress: Week 6

So much happened this last week that it feels like more than a week has passed since my last weekly blog post.  It's a good thing, as last week was a pretty productive week, but it was also obscenely busy, right through the weekend.  Today is a bit of a reprieve, but then the rest of this week is going to be busy as well.

Before the madness begins, here's a quick rundown of what I accomplished from last week and what I'm planning for this week:

Doll stringing ebook: I am noticing that this is getting shifted back, week after week.  I do need to work on it, as I want to get the ebook finished and back up for sale.  Unfortunately this week is going to be extra difficult so I don't think I'll be able to work on it until next week.  I'm scheduling some time for it earlier in the week, rather than putting it last as I have been every week.

Ruby Ransome: Last week didn't go as planned, and I didn't get to work on this after all.  I plan to start tonight, since this is now Camp NaNoWriMo and I want to take this month's challenge more seriously.

New novel idea: Still keeping this on the list for later.  I thought of an idea last night for a future Ruby series installment, too, so I need to sketch that out a little as well.

Blogging and website maintenance: This is the area where I feel like I made the most progress in the past week, and my Toggl report confirms my suspicions.  I worked a lot on my websites and blogs in the past week.  On Monday when I was procrastinating doing something else (ha), I reapplied to the Amazon Affiliate program, and spent some time changing my ad notices on all my websites, creating new posts, and going back through old posts and updating old links.  I worked on it a little throughout the week, too, and as a result was more prolific on my blogs than I have been in a while.  It was a good feeling, as I have missed blogging on the daily, plus there is the potential for this to bring in some additional income.

In the coming week I intend to work on it some more.  There are a few other posts and pages that I need to write or finish adding affiliate links to, plus I have some new post ideas that I'd like to spend some time on.  This brings up an interesting observation, though: I rarely schedule blogging time on my calendar.  I need to start doing that.

Other projects: Last week I made cleaning and organizing my doll spaces a priority for the week, and I actually did get a lot done.  I didn't get some other things done that had to come after the cleaning and organizing, but that's okay.  I still have more to do, and with the lack of time this coming week, I'm uncertain how much time I'll have to spend on it.  But I'll try to work on it as much as possible, since photographing and selling depends a lot these spaces being clean and organized well enough to use.

The week promises to make finding enough time pretty difficult, between the holiday tomorrow, house sitting for my husband's parents starting Wednesday, and dog sitting for another family starting Thursday.  Hopefully I'll be able to carve out some time to accomplish at least the most important things.  I think my priorities this week will be cleaning/organizing, blog/website work, and of course, working on my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo.

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