Thursday, November 09, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017: A Little Bit of Everything

I was having a really hard time this year deciding what to do for NaNoWriMo.  I originally intended to work on revisions to my novel again, like I did last year and again during Camp NaNoWriMo.  I really should have been working on them consistently all along, but so far it's only been during NaNo months.

As November loomed, however, I started feeling like maybe I should do something else.  I have such a backlog of projects of my own that I want to work on: not only my novel, but also a short story, my blogs, ebook ideas I have, and long-overdue website revisions.

I was still agonizing over what to do for NaNo on October 31st.  Friends asked me at the kickoff party what I had decided!  Ultimately, though, what I decided was to work on a little bit of everything, and count hours instead of words.  (As in previous years, I'm counting every hour as 1,000 words.)

So far, it has worked really well for me.  The first few days I worked on a short story, then switched over to working on my blogs.  I even worked on revisions a little the other day!  What's more, I've worked on my own stuff every single day, even if it was only a quick blog post.  That's a success in itself, as I am so prone to getting distracted by paying client work and other things that keep my life so busy.  It's easy to overlook my own projects and goals in all of this mess.

This year November comes with an added challenge though, since I lost a crown the weekend before NaNo started.  A trip to the dentist and now I have a tooth extraction scheduled for next week.  I'm supposed to rest for at least 48 hours afterward, so I have cleared my schedule for at least three days and possibly five if I need it (no idea how well I'll recover).  Either I'll be in too much pain to want to do anything more than sleep and watch TV, or if I recover quickly I'll have a lot of time to write...  Guess I'll find out soon enough!

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