Saturday, November 18, 2017

A hitch in my NaNoWriMo plans, a missed write-in, and a lost badge

I was really hoping to get the badge for updating my novel 30 days in a row this year.  I was doing really well until this past week.  But this week saw the loss of a tooth that had been plaguing me for some time.

I really thought for a while about being one of those crazy NaNoWriMo fanatics who wait until after the month is over to attend to anything major, including their health.  But I was too worried that waiting that long could result in even worse problems.  I didn't have an infection in the tooth, despite the amount of decay... yet.  That could easily change.

Originally I thought I could make sure I didn't miss any days working on NaNoWriMo, even if it was just half an hour or even 15 minutes of work.  I did exactly that a few days, just working on my own projects for a measly 15 minutes so that I could update for the day.  But I just wasn't able to keep that up this week.

The night before my extraction, it was because my mom spent the night -- she was my DD for the next morning, since I was opting for IV sedation.  (I wanted to go to sleep and wake up when it was over, and I think that plan worked out really well for me.)  Between making dinner and doing a few things to get ready for several days of being out of commission, I just didn't have a chance to work on anything.

And then of course I didn't do much for the rest of Wednesday.  I spent the day watching TV, biting on gauze, taking meds, icing my jaw, and consuming liquids and near-liquids.  I had been prescribed Oxy (I couldn't take the surgeon's usual drug of choice, Vicodin, because the acetaminophen in it would mess with my CGM's sensor readings) which made me fairly loopy at the peak of each dose.  I missed one of my favorite write-ins that night, but it didn't bother me too much because I knew I was in no shape to go anywhere.

I was feeling pretty good and thought I would be even better by the next day.  I took a dose of Oxy for the last time at 7am that morning, resolving to stick with just ibuprofen for the rest of the day so that I'd be able to drive if I wanted to go to book club later (priorities!).  I slept late and napped a few times throughout the day, too, making up for all the sleep I hadn't gotten the day before (couldn't sleep with the gauze in my mouth).  But then my stomach got a little upset later, and whether it was due to stopping the Oxy or just taking so many meds, I don't know.  It kept me home, in any case.

Today I slept even later, and let the ibuprofen wear off for the first time.  There was a little pain, but overall not that bad.  I dropped my dose of ibuprofen a little, used a heat compress a few times, read, and napped.

And tonight I blanketed my horses (probably breaking the no-exercise rule, although to be fair it wasn't much), and now I'm at a write-in.

I'm really not the kind of person who handles doing nothing very well, so I'm fairly certain I'll be back up and running under full steam in no time.  I'm going to try to do it slowly though, since technically my instructions call for five days of rest.  I figure I'll take it (relatively) easy for the rest of the weekend... aside from tonight's write-in, possibly a (really easy) ride on my horse tomorrow, game night tomorrow night, and another write-in Sunday afternoon...  Ha, yeah, actually, not much resting there.

In all of this, I'm hoping to keep going with my NaNoWriMo projects.  I'm currently at 15.5 hours (reported as 15,500 words), so I'm behind for the traditional NaNoWriMo goal, but since my real goal is just to get into a habit of working on my own projects every day, I'm less worried about my "word count" and more worried about my overall habits.  (But I'll still try to make the 50 hours/50,000-word goal.)

How's everyone else doing with their goals?

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