Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello, can you hear me?

After months of silence on my end, I'm back to announce some significant changes in my life, both current and upcoming, and what they mean for me and my freelance career.

But first: My first November as a NaNoWriMo ML was relatively successful, although in retrospect I wish I'd had more time to spend on ML-type things.  I did, however, set up and attend lots of write-ins.  I also set up the TGIO party, although it wasn't as well attended (and usually isn't anyway).

I do wish I had written more of the communiques that went out to our region -- I only wrote two, and my co-ML wrote probably double that.  So next year I'll want to be more involved in that.

I also wish I had been able to "win" this year, but I only got halfway done with my novel.  Part of it was because I realized most of the way through the month that I didn't like the way it was going, and wanted to start over with a different setting.  I am undecided as to whether I want to continue with the idea.

A big part of my little failures at NaNo and MLing were due to a lack of time, of course.  I am hoping that I will have more time to be more involved next November.  Overall, I loved being an ML, and I think I'll be even better at it once I hit my stride.

Stay tuned for some big announcements regarding some significant changes in my life, and what they mean for me as a freelancer, a writer, and a blogger.

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