Monday, January 25, 2016

New beginnings: Change #2

I recently blogged about some significant changes in my life and freelancing career, and then I announced one of the bigger changes, that I'll soon be leaving my part-time nanny job.

The other change isn't entirely a change for me, but will come as a surprise to many of my readers.  Although I never announced it (aside from some vague mentions of changes), I've been separated for nearly two years now, and have been going through a divorce since summer.  We're in the home stretch now, though, and the divorce should soon be final.  Although living on my own won't be a change, the divorced status will be, and there are some other, related changes, too.

Up until about a month ago, I had been living in a studio, still in the relatively urban area where I'd been living throughout my marriage.  The romantic notion of a writer living in a studio appealed to me, but in reality for most of that time I was working so much I was hardly home, and most of my stuff was in storage.  A month ago, though, I moved into a new, bigger place.  I have my cats back, I have my stuff out of storage, I'm closer to the barn, and I have a place where I can live and work and be happy.

The move, the divorce, and the job changes all make me feel like 2016 is giving me a chance at a fresh start, and it's exciting.  I haven't yet entirely decided what I want to do with this opportunity, but thanks to the sale of the marital house, I should have somewhat of a cushion while I decide.  More and more, though, I'm thinking I want to pursue freelancing full time again, at least for a few months, and see if I can rebuild my business to the point where I can fully support myself and my horses.

So many exciting changes.  Bring it on, 2016!

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