Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Goals for 2016

Way back around New Year's, I wasn't planning on making any New Year's resolutions.  I haven't had much luck keeping my resolutions in previous years, and I decided it was too demoralizing to make resolutions you don't keep.

My non-resolution didn't last long, though.  I caught myself saying I wanted to ride my horses more in 2016, and then I saw the Goodreads reading challenge for 2016... and those who know me know I can't turn down a reading challenge!

And now with the changes in my nanny job and my living situation, I've been thinking about the coming year in a totally different way.  I'm thinking it's time to make some resolutions after all.

Apparently making New Year's resolutions a little late isn't a bad thing.

There are plenty of days coming up with plenty of symbolic power—the start of Aquarius, Monday, our producer Kara's birthday. Research shows we like "fresh starts," and they do come more frequently than once a year.

I definitely think the changes I'm going through -- basically a shakeup of my entire life -- qualify as "days with plenty of symbolic power."  Therefore I'm going to make some goals for 2016 and for my new life.

Most of the goals I have in mind are still fairly vague, and some of them are just a sense of how I want my new life to be like.  And while some of my goals have to do with my career, some of them have to do with other things that I've been putting off: deferred maintenance on my car, unpacking and other to-dos at my new place, and some me-time things, like riding more, reading more, and visiting a friend who moved out-of-state.

As a result, I'm thinking I'll take a week or two to unwind, catch up on things, and make some decisions.  In the meantime, I'll be on the lookout for more freelance work, and create a daily schedule now that my days will be more open (stay tuned for more on that subject).

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