Monday, September 21, 2015

NaNoWriMo news!

I've neglected my blogs badly lately, much worse even than I did over the summer (although my goals for Camp NaNoWriMo did keep me pretty well on track during July).  My schedule didn't actually get easier once school let in, as you might have guessed -- a client of mine, a disabled single dad whom I've been cleaning and running errands for on and off over the past five years, has had some changes in his diagnosis that have changed his assistance needs.  As a result, I've been increasingly busy, although that should be coming to an end within the next few weeks.

I'm looking forward to finally having more time to work on my freelance work and my writing.  The timing should be good, too, as NaNoWriMo 2015 is coming up here in only a little more than a month.  Can you believe it?

Which brings me to my big news.  I found this out a few weeks ago, actually, but since I haven't been keeping up on my blog, I forgot I hadn't announced it yet.

This year I'll be a NaNoWriMo ML in Denver!

For anyone who knows me, this is huge news.  I've been meaning to apply to be an ML -- municipal liaison, basically an area organizer and leader -- for a few years, but only this year finally remembered to fill out the application when it was available over the summer.  I won't be the only ML -- there's another in Denver who has been doing it for a while -- but we have a large, active region that really demands two or even three (hopefully someday) MLs in order to manage all the planning and attend as many write-ins as possible.

It means I'll be very busy during November, of course, as my co-ML and I will need to try to attend as many write-ins as possible between the two of us -- and I'll also have to make a more concerted effort to finish my novel this year.  No "rebel" projects for me like last year.

That also means that I'll need to get some revision and other work done before November starts, so hopefully my schedule will lighten up in October to allow me to do so!

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