Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On sleeping (or not)

I've been using Sleep Cycle for about six months now (click here for a more detailed review of Sleep Cycle).  After half a year's worth of data, I'm beginning to see certain patterns.  Specifically, my average night's sleep is about six and a half hours.  What's scary about that is how many nights I must be getting considerably less than six hours, in order to balance out the nights when I get more.

There are other trends that are worrisome.

For instance, the time I go to bed, how much sleep I get a night, and the quality of that sleep has been on a slow decline over the past six months.  To me I see it as a sign that I'm not handling my new earlier hours very well.  I've been working early mornings since January, and my body's natural rhythms are trying harder and harder to push me into the later hours that come more naturally to me.

It's also a result of how much busier I've become, especially since summer started.  That's when the decline has been the most dramatic, although it was still there even before summer.  It's like I mentioned in my post yesterday: Sacrificing sleep is one of the ways I've been managing my busier summer schedule.

Speaking of not getting enough sleep... I am getting extremely tired right now.  Luckily I don't have to work until late morning tomorrow, so I get an extra couple hours of sleep in the morning -- which I will probably balance out by staying up too late tonight, knowing me!

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