Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clients don't last forever

One of the most challenging things as a freelancer is understanding that your business is always changing, so you can't ever stop really looking for work.

It's easy to become complacent, especially when you have a good group of regular clients.  But this morning I was served a timely reminder that I shouldn't become too dependent on them, no matter how awesome they are.

I have a gig that doesn't pay a whole lot, but is easy, fun, and can be done while multitasking.  At least, it used to be.  I think it may be going through its death throes now.  The system has been buggy lately, which has severely impacted my ability to multitask.  Worse, they announced today that they've changed their expectations, and I'm afraid under the new rules the gig simply may not be worth it any longer.

I told my contact that I'll try it for a little while under the new rules, but I was frank about the possibility that the gig might not be worth it to me anymore.  Luckily he understood.  I'm hoping that either they company will realize that the new rules aren't going to work, or that they'll be able to finally work out the bugs in the system.  Either solution would restore this as a viable gig for me.

I can't wait on them, though, obviously.  That's the thing about freelancing: You have to be flexible.  So for now I'll be looking for a new regular client to fill the gap, and if it works out with my existing client after all, well, I'll just count myself lucky!

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