Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vacation and unpacking

I was off from my nanny job last week, and I'm off again this week.  I still have had some babysitting here and there, but mostly I've just been using my time off to get fully moved and unpacked.  I wanted to resume something of a full-time freelancing schedule when I was off, but the move has made that near impossible.

I think I'm nearly done, though.  I have a little more to unpack and organize, and then I want to go through things.  I moved into a smaller place, so I have some stuff that's going to go into storage, and I don't want to just throw it in there and forget about it -- I want to make sure I'm really wanting to keep the stuff that's going in there.

Hopefully in a few days I'll be feeling more back to normal, although that'll be just in time to go back to work, really.  But still, I think I'll be able to think better with everything put away... and I'm looking forward to having time for client work again, instead of feeling like I constantly have a tower of boxes breathing down my neck.

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