Sunday, June 07, 2015

New leaves

All manner of things are changing in my life this summer.  I'm moving this month, and as part of that, I will be depending on my freelance income even more than I have been the past year.  Necessity is the mother of more than just invention -- it has made me work harder this past year, and I suspect it'll take me to new levels of productivity in the next year.

As part of my life changes, I've made some resolutions -- a little bit like New Year's resolutions, except hopefully more lasting.

First of all, I need to increase my productivity.  I suspect many writers know how this goes, but I often find myself getting so distracted by Facebook (trending or shared news and science articles being my biggest weakness).  I could be so much more productive if I would just focus and get things done.

Second of all, and somewhat unrelated, I need to stop eating out so much.  Thanks to the changes in my life in the past year, I've relied on eating out much more heavily than I used to.  I've also been working at coffee shops a lot, which was great at first for the change of scenery, but has lots its ability to improve my focus.  (I often find that a change of scenery helps me to focus better, at least until it becomes familiar again.)  I'm hoping that my new place will be the kind of place where I'm more willing to cook and eat in -- as well as work in.

(Of course, a lot of all that working at coffee shops was because of my morning gig, taking a preschooler to school, and his school was so far that it didn't make sense for me to drive all the way home and back again.  So now that that's over, I'll be working in coffee shops much less for a while.)

 Here's hoping that the changes will see me turning over new leaves!

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