Saturday, June 13, 2015

The wait for wifi

I've been moving all week, but I'm nearly done now.  Unfortunately, I waited until Thursday to set up Internet access at my new place, and of course they can't set it up the same day.  So I won't have it until Tuesday around midday.

Luckily I'm off from my nanny job all next week, so I was able to be there for the tech visit to set things up on Tuesday.  And already I've survived this long without wifi (I started sleeping at the new place Wednesday night), so surely I can wait until Tuesday.  So far my saving grace is that I've been busy, and much of my busyness has taken me to places with wifi.  Monday will likely be the most difficult day, then, since I'll be off all day with no wifi.

I'll probably walk around the corner to the French pastry shop, get a latte and a croissant, and use their wifi, so my Monday actually shouldn't be too bad.  It's just the fact of not being able to stay home and have wifi there, especially when I have plenty of unpacking that I'd like to be able to do in between client work.  Going somewhere for wifi will force me to block out the day into larger chunks -- and, unless I decide to go to Starbucks instead, I'll have to make sure I leave in search of wifi early enough, since the pastry shop is only open until 2pm.

I'm getting closer, though, which is exciting.  My apartment is currently a mess of boxes, and I don't have wifi, but I am mostly moved and starting to get things in order.  Having next week off will certainly help by giving me time to settle in.  I'm hoping to also use that time to get caught up on some freelance admin stuff, and perhaps even start getting ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in July!


Lori said...

Ooo! French pastry shop! I'm in. :)

Enjoy the move, Katharine. Once you settle in, you'll develop a new rhythm. :)

Katharine Swan said...

The French pastry shop is awesome! Best croissants in town. Plus they have coffee, tea, and wifi... What's not to love?!

I have wifi as of today, though, so I'm one step closer to being moved in, settled, and productive. I have some unpacking left, some things still to bring over from the old place, and that's about it!


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