Thursday, December 18, 2014

Upcoming holidays and some changes

I can't believe how fast the last couple weeks have gone, or that Christmas is right around the corner!  I've been working hard since NaNo ended, although not, unfortunately, on finishing my ebook.  I'm hoping to step things up on that in the next couple days.

I do have some changes to my schedule forthcoming.

Back in October, my nanny job went to three days a week, giving me time to focus more on freelancing.  I've definitely been enjoying having Tuesdays and Thursdays reserved for freelancing, but it seems my schedule is to change again: In January I'll be picking up Tuesdays and Thursdays again, but losing Fridays.

I have mixed feelings about this.  Initially I was glad to be getting an extra afternoon a week with the kids, and glad too for in slight increase in my nanny paycheck.  I feel like it'll be much easier to make up the lost nanny income from just one day a week rather than two by ramping up my freelancing.

I'm also going to miss having two days a week to devote to my freelancing, however.  And although I'm really looking forward to having Fridays off, I'm not sure yet whether it's a good or a bad day to have off.  On one hand, it'll give me a last chance to catch up on the week's work if I get behind, but it may also be harder to stay home and work when it's a Friday.

With my schedule changing so drastically, I may go back to the idea of implementing a daily schedule to try to help myself stay on task and get everything done that I need to during the day.  I may even go back to the original daily schedule I had planned out for myself in August (so long ago!).

It'll be interesting to see how this year plays out.  In the meantime, my schedule will be royally messed up over the holidays, as I'm working a lot during the kids' break before Christmas and after New Year's, but I'll be on vacation (from the nanny job at least) for the week between the two holidays.

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