Monday, December 08, 2014

A run of bad days

I have to admit I haven't gotten back to work on my ebook -- and my writing challenge -- in several days now, basically since the first and only day I met my goal.  A bunch of deadlines and feeling somewhat sick on top of it all conspired to keep me away from it.  Luckily I got an unexpected day off from my nanny job today, so I think I should have a chance to get caught up.

I've been struggling with the feeling that I'm fighting off a cold or something lately, which is making it difficult to get things done.  I've been really tired, for one thing, but I've also had to take medicine a few times, and that's caused me to sleep a lot too (as that stuff generally knocks me out).  And I might really be fighting something off, as the reason why I had today off is that one of the kids was home sick... with a cough.

I've also still been struggling with that pesky sleep schedule, although if I'm getting sick (or trying not to get sick) it might explain why I've so far been unable to make myself get up at a more decent time...

Lots of things to work on this week, but hopefully an extra day off will help!

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