Friday, October 17, 2014

My lazy day

Wednesday I was able to enjoy a very much needed lazy day.  The mother I work for decided to pick the kids up from school herself, since they had family in town, and unexpectedly gave me the day off.  I celebrated by staying home all day, working in my pajamas, and even taking a nap -- such luxury!

Although it sounds like a day of doing nothing, it actually was reasonably productive for a lazy day.  I updated almost all of my own blogs, browsed the NaNo forums, and did a little planning for my NaNo novel -- or NaNo project, if I decide not to write fiction for NaNoWriMo.

It was also nice to have a relaxing day just before the busiest two days of my week.  Yesterday and today I babysit from early in the morning until mid-afternoon, when I have to pick up my regular kids from school.  And tonight, I'll have an evening babysitting job on top of all that -- a long but very lucrative day!

I hope, though, that when I am working from home all day twice a week, I will have a little more motivation than what I had Wednesday.   Sometimes knowing I have the entire day works against me, whereas if I know I have to leave to pick up the kids, I tend to get more done.  (More on that later -- I saw a very interesting article since I started writing this post!)

Right now I'm in the middle of the busiest day of my week, so it's nice to think back to my lazy day on Wednesday.  Thank heavens for unexpected breaks like that one!

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