Thursday, August 28, 2014

Implementing a daily schedule

As summer was winding down, and I was planning to ramp up my freelancing and my work on my novel as soon as the kids I nanny for when back to school, I started thinking about my daily schedule come fall.  I used a daily schedule long ago, perhaps a year or two into my freelancing career, when I was freelancing full-time and had just brought my horse Panama to Denver.  I needed a way to balance my barn time with my work time, and so I created a daily schedule.

I can't say that I followed that schedule for very long, but it did help for a little while.  So I thought that a daily schedule might help me with adjusting to being productive again now that the kids are back in school.

This has to go with a disclaimer, since it'll actually be a couple weeks before I can implement the schedule on a daily basis -- I have a house project I'm working on some mornings and evenings, and I'm also rebounding a bit from all the early hours over the summer, and sleeping later than I normally would.  But here's what I've come up with for a schedule so far (the greyed-out section is roughly when I'm working with the kids):

Of course, I may tinker with this a bit as I settle in and figure out what actually works, but I've found in the past that admin tasks and marketing work best for me first thing (and yes, 10am is first thing for me).  I like putting my blogs next, too, as I find I often transition better into client work when I've "warmed up" doing a little writing on my own stuff first.

The major thing that might change is when I plan to work on my novel.  It might work much better to do that in the evenings after work, rather than working for only 30 or 45 minutes before I have to go pick up the kids from school, but we'll see how it works out once I have a chance to actually try out the schedule.  (That hasn't yet happened this week, due to the kids having a half day on Monday, me sleeping late on Tuesday, and working on the house project yesterday.)

What about you?  How do you plan your day?  Keep in mind that it differs for people who freelance full-time versus part-time -- my schedule would look a lot different (with more hours spent on client work, mostly) if I were doing this full-time.

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