Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Counting down

At long last, the end of the summer -- and the return of normality, routine, and free time -- is in sight: The kids go back to school on August 25th, which means I have only two more weeks of summer.

And actually, less than that now.  I have eight more days of my summer schedule, to be precise.  And what's left of my summer should be relatively easy, since I have a rare (of late) easy weekend coming up.

The minute I am back to my school-year schedule, I plan to start marketing with a vengeance.  My goal is to ramp up my freelance work, and divide my time while the kids are in school between that, working on my novel, and riding my horses (who have been ignored all summer).  The freelance work is to get the most time devoted to it, though.

I am considering creating a daily schedule.  I used to do that, years ago when I'd first brought Panama to Denver and needed to balance freelance time with horse time, but it's been a while.  Still, I think it might be helpful in this case.

What about you?  Any plans as summer draws to a close?

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