Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to the grind

Today is my first day back at work -- my nanny work, that is.  I did work both days over the weekend, and of course I had freelance work all week, but somehow being back to work at the nanny job -- the five-days-a-week, fairly demanding (especially since it's summer) job -- feels more like work than either the freelancing or the babysitting over the weekend.

I had a good vacation, but I do have some regrets.

Despite what I got done, I feel like it ended before I accomplished everything I wanted.  I didn't work on my novel nearly as much as I had wanted, for example -- I didn't get to it over the weekend, so that hour and a half on Tuesday was all the work my novel saw the entire time I was off.  That was disappointing, especially since it means I won't "win" Camp NaNo this month.  I was too late to change my word count goal and there's no way I can put 28.5 more hours into revisions this late in the month.

I do have to say I feel rested, though.  I still wish my vacation could have lasted a little longer, but I had the break I needed before the final burn -- four weeks left of summer, and then I'll be back to my school-year schedule.

Once the kids are back to school and I'm once again only working afternoons with the kids, I'm going to shift my focus a little.  Right now I'm really only freelancing on the side, but come September, I want to freelance more and start thinking of the nanny and babysitting work as being "on the side."  I'm also hoping to be able to reserve a little time each day for working on my novel, once I have a little more time to work with again.

For now though I'd better focus on getting through the last four weeks of summer, which promise to be the busiest of the season!

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