Thursday, July 24, 2014

My writing vacation

All the writing work I've done this week -- client work, writing for my own blogs, and working on my novel for Camp NaNoWriMo -- has made me ponder why it is that I consider time to write to be vacation time.  It would be more understandable if I were spending the time just working on my fiction, or at least my own projects, but I'm not: I've spent quite a bit of my vacation week working on freelance work.

This is admittedly a change from when I freelanced full-time.  Back then it was a challenge to get away from my client work for an entire vacation, but it was always something I strove for.  Now, however, I can't wait to have an opportunity to "play freelancer" for a week.

The fact is, writing is fun for me, and sometimes I really miss freelancing full-time.  Furthermore, vacation time is more about taking a break from your usual routine than it is about doing nothing.  So these days, especially when I have a very busy summer schedule with the kids, it feels like vacation to have an entire week where I can write -- client work, my own writing, you name it -- whenever I like, instead of around the kids' schedules (which doesn't leave me much time for it during the summer).

It's been a productive week so far for me, despite a short-lived slump on Tuesday.  I think I am going to really miss freelancing by the time I go back to work on Monday!

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