Friday, July 25, 2014

My vacation week in review

Since today is the last day of full-on vacation (I don't go back to my nanny job until Monday, but I work both days this weekend), I thought it would be a good time to review the week.  I had a good vacation week, but it seemed altogether too short, and I'm afraid in some respects I wasn't as productive as I wanted -- even though I have to be fair to myself and admit that (as usual) I was overly optimistic about what I could achieve.

I got lots of client work done on Monday -- and eventually Tuesday too, although I started out the day with a distinct lack of motivation.  Tuesday night I also worked on my novel for an hour and a half.  Wednesday I was a little less productive, but that was okay because I had plans -- and I still got done what I absolutely needed to.  (Nothing on my novel, though.)

Yesterday was productive in another sense: I got accomplished quite a bit of my goals on some of my household projects.  There is still a lot more to be done, but again: I have to admit that I put more on my list than I could actually accomplish.  That's standard for me.

Today wasn't as productive in either sense... though I could probably add a "yet" in there, as I am meeting with several NaNo friends tonight.  It's an extension of a Friday-night write-in from NaNoWriMo 2011 -- we meet most Friday nights to try to write and keep one another motivated.  I have some client work to do tonight, since I was unproductive today, but afterward I hope to get some work done on my novel, too!

Even though I work both mornings this weekend, I will have some time to get a few more things done before I go back to my nanny job on Monday.  I still have some projects around the house that I would like to finish, and I'd like to do a little more client work (to make up for what I didn't get done yesterday and today) and -- of course -- work on my novel!


Lori said...

Catharine, I hope one of your goals was to relax on your vacation. We all need that!

Sounds like time management while on vacation just doesn't work. I say cut yourself some slack. I hope you had some fun!

Katharine Swan said...

Ha! Relaxation? What's that? :)

Seriously, though, I think my slump early in the week was my body telling me I did need to relax a little. I'm not very good at doing nothing, but I did get a little down time in!


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