Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Goals check for the week of May 6

I decided to go ahead and continue making these posts weekly, at least until summer starts.  Come summer I may not have as much time for weekly updates (or as much time to work on my goals for the year) since I will be working more with the kids while they are out of school, so that may mean monthly goal updates over the summer.  At least for now, though, I think that weekly posts are more helpful to me -- with so much time between posts, monthly updates will most likely result in me losing track of my goals, whereas the weekly posts keep me more on track.

As for last week: not the most productive of weeks, I'm afraid.  I didn't have as many mornings at home as I would have liked, for reasons that I can't now remember (how quickly I forget the previous week! another reason monthly updates won't work).  This week is already shaping up to be a little better, thankfully, but last week -- the subject of this post -- was dismal.

1. Novels: This is often the most important thing I look at when I'm judging how successful a week was, I have to admit.  Last week I only worked on revisions one day -- one!  I accomplished quite a bit that day, actually, but I still don't think it quite makes up for missing the rest of the days.

2. Blogs and websites: No progress yet.

3. Other writing projects: No progress yet.

4. Books: I took another break from Les Miserables to read the latest (and last!) Sookie Stackhouse book, which came out last week.  From there I impulsively decided to reread The Great Gatsby (after watching the movie Saturday night), and now I'm on to the selection for this month's book club meeting (which is tomorrow -- I won't finish, I'm afraid).  The end result is that it will be a little while before I get back to Les Miz again.  That's okay -- I think I mentioned in a previous post that it is the kind of book that I'm finding I do better reading in short spurts anyway.

5. Horses: I rode Panama briefly on Wednesday, before V.'s lesson Thursday, and then she rode Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, so he got his rides in last week.  I also rode Rondo Thursday (my lesson) and Saturday (with V.) so he got close to his three rides per week that I am striving for.  I keep hoping that we will figure out soon why Panama has been struggling with his weight, as daily trips to the barn to feed him and give him medicine is becoming quite tiresome.  I would rather save that time up for a couple of longer visits to the barn each week, so that I can spend time with both horses (Rondo is also getting rather ignored through all of this).  Keep your fingers crossed for us that the ulcer medication takes care of the problem!

As you can see, not a great week for my writing goals, though the horses fared better than in previous weeks lately.  Like I said, though, it seems that this week is shaping up to be a little more productive -- at least in terms of writing goals!

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