Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goals check for the week of May 13

I thought last week was going to be more productive, but it turned out it wasn't.  I wrote my goals check-in on Wednesday, and on that day I was spending a lot of time on my novel, so it felt like the week would be a good one.  But the truth was that I hadn't accomplished much Monday , and I went on to accomplish very little on Thursday and Friday.  As I said in my post yesterday, how I start the week -- how productive I am on Monday -- seems to set the stage for the rest of the week, and I simply wasn't productive last Monday.  And since I have my riding lesson on Thursdays, and often other responsibilities on Fridays, waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday to get anything done is generally bad policy.

1. Novels: For the reasons I explained above, I only worked on revisions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday was pretty average as far as how much I got done, but Wednesday was massively productive -- I got five times as much done as on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish any more the rest of the week or weekend.

2. Blogs and websites: No progress.

3. Other writing projects: No progress.

4. Books: I'm still on a break from Les Miz, hoping to get back to it soon.

5. Horses: I rode Rondo only one day, Thursday, and V. rode Panama both Thursday and Friday.  The good news is though that there may be an end in sight to my daily trips to the barn to give him medicine and extra food -- he seems like he might be starting to round out a little, and judging by how much energy he had during V.'s lesson on Thursday, he seems like he must be feeling better.  It's too soon to tell for sure, but everything looks hopeful.  Once he gains enough weight back, I'll be able to stop making daily trips out there -- which will mean more uninterrupted mornings to work, and more time I can spend riding when I go to the barn, rather than feeding and giving medicine.

So I suppose last week was still better than the previous week, especially considering how much I got done on my novel on Wednesday.  But there is still plenty of room for improvement -- and since I got off to a nice start yesterday, hopefully this will be the week for it!

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