Thursday, February 21, 2013

Goals check for the week of February 11

Well, I'm doing this late again, this time because Michael was off work until today, and I sometimes don't even sit down at my computer when he's home.  It will be another dismal week in all respects except one, which I can't wait to blog about on Monday.  But this post is about last week, so that will have to wait!

Last week wasn't great, as I mentioned in my last post (when I forgot to blog about the previous week until Friday).  Pretty much the only goal I succeeded at meeting was riding Panama.  I didn't work on my novel at all, and the only time I rode Rondo was (as usual) when my trainer came.  It's almost a waste of typing to do the lineup, but here it is anyway:

1. Novels: No progress.

2. Websites and blogs: No progress.

3. Other writing projects: No progress.

4. Books: I am still, embarrassingly, working on the book club selection.  It's a very long and tedious book, even though I'm enjoying it, which is my excuse for taking so long at it.

5. Horses: Panama was ridden four times last week, three times by me and once by the little girl I nanny for, so that is the only goal I achieved last week.  Rondo was only ridden once, when my trainer came.

Like I said: dismal.  But despite Michael's days off, next week will be an improvement on this one, and I am looking forward to blogging about it!

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