Friday, February 15, 2013

Goals check for the week of February 4

I had a very busy week last week and not much time at the computer, so I didn't realize until yesterday that I hadn't done my goals check on Monday like usual.  (Of course that doesn't bode well for next week's goals check...)

I've been finding it very hard to look back to the previous week and write about what happened and why I did or did not get things done.  In fact, if it weren't for a handy little app I use to mark when I get things done, I would have no idea -- the days pass so quickly for me that they blur together, and I often can't remember what happened even a few days before.  And since I am writing about last week on Friday instead of Monday, my memories are even hazier than they usually are when I sit down to write these things.

But like I said: I have an app.  And according to this app, last week was more productive than this week has been.

1. Novels: According to my app, I worked on the "missing chapter" of my novel three days last week: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Tuesday was the biggest success, with a thousand words, while Monday and Wednesday weren't as successful (300 and 100 words, respectively).

2. Websites and blogs: When I last blogged, on the 4th, I said I wanted to get started on overhauling one of my blogs.  I didn't make any progress on that last week, though.

3. Other writing projects: No progress here either.

4. Books: I am very sorry to say that I am still working on the February selection for our sci-fi/fantasy book club.  I've been reading it for about two weeks now, which is a ridiculously long time for me to be stuck on one book, but it's also a ridiculously long (and, at least the first third of the book, ridiculously uneventful) book.  It's gotten more interesting now, and I have only about a third of it left, so hopefully I'll be able to finish it up soon so that I can start Les Miz.

5. Horses: Finally, something else I can report some progress on!  I rode Panama three days last week -- Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday -- and even though Friday's ride was only a very brief one before the girl I nanny for got on, that satisfies my goal for him for the week.  She had the longer ride, I'm afraid, but at least he was ridden!  Rondo wasn't ridden at all, though, I'm afraid, though he did at least accompany us on our field trip to my trainer's barn on Thursday, so he did have some stimulation.  Still, I desperately need to start increasing the number of days that I ride Rondo, so that I can eventually get his number of rides a week up to three as well.

It wasn't a bad week, but unfortunately the delay in blogging about it means that I know this week was worse.  I need to make sure that I remember to blog about my goals progress on Mondays, because that helps to refocus me for the week ahead!

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