Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today is the day

...that I am going to start working on my novel again.  I may not be able to catch up, but I'm going to at least hold myself accountable to trying!

I've been wading through a lot of work the last few days.  I had a few things I'd intended to do over the weekend, but I got caught up reading, and got a little behind.  I'm finally about caught up, though, so I plan to sit down with my novel this evening.

I did the math, and with just over 17,000 words, I would have to write 2,358 words every day in order finish on time.  I think for now I will set my daily goal at 2,000, and try to get a couple of 5,000-word days in.  I did one 8,000-word day my first year (or was it 10,000 words?), and talk about burnout — but I think I could handle a couple of 5,000-word days.  Maybe, if I can get ahead on my client work, I can actually devote an entire day or two to my novel!

I've said before that my main goal is really to finish my novel this time around, so that I can finally revise it and start on the next one, but it would be really nice to have a 2010 NaNoWriMo winner badge to go with the completion of my own private goals.  I haven't "won" NaNoWriMo since the first year I did it, in 2006, and it would be awfully nice to change my "losing" trend.


Lori said...

How did you do with the novel this year, Katharine?

I didn't do NaNo. I think I'm glad as I feel last year's manuscript needs my attention. Finding time is the fun part, though. :)

Katharine Swan said...

Hey Lori! Sorry for the late response -- I've been really sick the past week or so. I didn't end up finishing NaNo -- too much got in the way in November. I'm still going to finish this novel, though -- as soon as I am caught up from being sick, that is!


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