Saturday, November 06, 2010

8,394 words and an unsuccessful write-in

I usually am the first one to tout the value of the write-in, but it didn't work so well for me this evening (Friday evening).  I went with my mom to a write-in at the all-night coffee shop and used bookstore in my area, and although we stayed for nearly 2 hours, I was only able to write a whopping 40 or so words.

I came home somewhat discouraged, and wondering if I should just give up for the day.  As my husband got ready for bed, though, I settled down on the couch with my laptop and one of my cats.  And just like that, my muse was back!  I wrote 1,530 words — enough to get me where I needed to be for today — in an astonishing 50 minutes.  Unfortunately, though, the last 200 words were added after it technically became Saturday, so my little box on the calender for Friday is yellow instead of green.  I'm going to ignore that, though, because I consider Friday to be a green day, rather than a yellow one.  After all, 8,394 words puts me right on track, if barely (I needed 8,333 at the end of today).

Maybe I'll be able to get ahead a little this weekend, but I'm not overly concerned about it.  I think being just barely on track each day keeps me writing every day.  If I quit after 1,667 words every day, then I never get that complacent feeling of being able to take a day off if I want because I am ahead.  It sounds like an odd way to think of it, I know, but we'll see — it feels like the kind of plan that just might work.


Lori said...

Katharine, just look at my pathetic numbers for NaNo - 1,157? But I've removed the pressure on myself. I've decided this year, it's all about getting an idea out and in shape on paper. I don't care if I finish.

That's my story, and I'm sticking with it! LOL

Katharine Swan said...

Lori, you finished last year and I didn't, so it's not like I'm the one to throw rocks at you! LOL I'm less concerned about getting 50,000 words this year than finishing my novel, but I'm going to try to keep up with the current word count until I run out of material to write and rewrite. It's good practice to make myself work on fiction every day. If I don't make myself keep up, I know I won't do it!


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