Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What? It's only lunchtime?

I tried to sleep in today. Really, I did. I declined to go for a walk with Michael, and tried to go back to sleep. But I couldn't! So I ended up getting up by about 8:20 anyway.

One of the biggest things I've noticed about getting up earlier is that my day is measured by my lunch hour — how long until I can justify eating lunch, or how long ago lunch was. Not having kept a normal schedule for very much of my freelancing career (the last time was nearly two years ago), this reminds me of when I worked as a full time technical writer. Lunchtime was so anticipated that if I didn't watch it, I would take it earlier and earlier each day.

As a freelancer it's a bit more positive, thankfully. I looked at the clock today and was surprised to see it was only 12:30 pm. (And yes, I'd already eaten lunch.) I'd accomplished a lot already by that point in time, so it felt like it should be later than it actually was.

It was a nice feeling. Yet another reason to keep up with this schedule!

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