Monday, March 23, 2009

Making an earlier schedule work for me

A week later, I've still managed to keep the early schedule I've been on since returning from Europe. Mostly thanks to Michael, of course, who gets me out of bed every morning to go for a walk with him and the dogs.

I'm starting to miss my productive night hours a little bit less. Daytime is still less productive for me, because there are SO many interruptions — email, my favorite blogs posting updates, the dogs wanting fed or pottied or just paid attention to, etc. However, I'm managing these interruptions a bit better now.

The real advantage of the earlier schedule is being done with work in the evening. Even though I'm not getting as much done, I'm getting tired earlier and that keeps me from working much after dinner. It's nice to spend the evenings with Michael without worrying about what I still have left to do.

Of course, I'm not reading as much now — I like to read before bed, but now I'm much more likely to get sleepy while reading!

Despite the drawbacks, I'm planning on keeping this schedule for now. I'm hoping it will allow me to spend more time with my horse, too, as the days lengthen and I have more daylight post-work hours!

I know I've posted before asking what your schedule preferences are. But I'm curious now — how many of you have tried it both ways, and settled on one schedule you like better? And how many of you were unable to choose the schedule you would actually prefer?

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