Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first day back at work full-time

As it happens, working in snatches during a vacation is very different than working full-time at home, particularly when you have more than a thousand emails to catch up on when you get home. As a result, today was my first day back to work full-time.

Monday and Tuesday were both half days — or should I say half-hearted days — where I worked part-time on going through emails, corresponding with clients, and updating my blogs. Easy but tedious. Plus, Michael took those days off for "recovery" purposes, and having him home with me always makes it difficult to work. Instead we walked the dogs, went out for brunch, and I visited my horse.

Today hasn't been all that much more productive, but I think it's helping me just to be at home in front of my computer all day — never mind that what I've actually been doing is a lot of blog-reading, email-reading and -writing, and administrative stuff. After all, after a good six hours of that I finally managed to do a couple hours' work, which is a vast improvement over my productivity yesterday and the day before.

What about you? Do you find that you have a difficult time settling back into your routine upon returning from a vacation — even if you worked here and there on said vacation? How do you cope or help yourself settle in faster?

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