Monday, December 01, 2008

No surprises here

Remember my deadbeat client, Bill Cameron, the owner of Cameron Ink and METROMODE Magazine? Well, I'm sorry — but not at all surprised — to report that he did not pay us by the end of November, as he had promised.

In fact, this morning he sent emails to all of us who are owed money that said he is planning to pursue bankruptcy reorganization. He's trying to paint it as this wonderful opportunity for us to get paid, but I am concerned he may be just trying to buy more time, probably in the hopes that eventually we will give up and go away.

I can't help but be skeptical. After all, he has claimed he's going to do numerous things, and so far the only thing he actually followed through on was making each of us a small payment of $50 in October. Two other times he claimed he was going to pay us by a certain date, and failed to do so: Once when the payment for our work was originally due, and again when he failed to pay us by the end of November. The rest of the time we've just gotten one excuse after another.

The kicker is that the man is still advertising for writers on his website. Doesn't that fall under the definition of fraud, to be hiring writers when you know — because you still owe other writers money — that you can't afford to pay them?

Don't write for Bill Cameron, Metromode Magazine, or Cameron Ink — he has a track record of not paying his writers, and still owes his last staff more than $2,000 combined!


AbsintheMinded said...

Bill owes me and my 17 year old daughter money. He sits at Dazbogs and pretends to have a magazine, selling ads to people with no intention of following through. He has owed me this money for about 2 years and paid back part of it.Yep,I have it in writing and when he begged for more money he included in that saying he would pay the remaining balance he owes me. I have about 50 messages saying "when the next issue comes out next month." Right.

He is delusional and has no real magazine. He does it to catch the eye of younger guys. Nothing more.He wants beyond want to pretend he is "old money." Bill still owing me money, ask to borrow 50,000 dollars and my family saw all the Rip Off pages about him and said NO way! He keep asking. It went down to 40,000 and 10,000 and finally he ask for a 1,000.I kept saying no.LOL.

He ask me last month and a few months before that for "rent money." The guy needs to stop sitting at the gay coffee shop and ripping people off,lying to them,scamming people in the gay community.The sad owners at Dazbogs knows he is doing it and allow it.What a mess. He gets the money and pays himself first!

It's a scam and I truly believe he had convinced himself it is really a magazine and not a blog now. I have seen NO METROMODE for more then a year and online maybe 1,if that? Elements is just another scam also to get money to feed his "twink habit." People are sick of it and if I take him to court soon, I will make him pay FULL interest on the entire amount. He is a liar and fool and I am a single mom that just happens to have some money and ties. What a loser.Sorry he screwed you guys over also.

Katharine Swan said...

Hi AbsintheMinded,

I'm so sorry to hear Bill is still at it. I did have the pleasure a while back of letting a prospective advertiser know of his track record, when she emailed me to find out if Metromode is a legitimate magazine. Let me know if you take him to court. I never did and regret that now, so I'd love to hear that someone else did!


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