Monday, December 22, 2008

A very crafty Christmas

I've long considered writing my only serious creative bent. I liked to draw when I was a kid, but found that my skill did not grow to keep pace with my age... Or maybe it was my ability to recognize my own skill that grew up. In any case, I've never been the crafty type.

Until this Christmas. I'm making all kinds of things for the holidays this year:

* Stocking for the horses
* Homemade horse treats
* A big present for my nephews (it's a surprise, so more on that later)
* Props for doll photography including a really cute quilt I made out of old flannel pajama pants

I'm having a lot of fun making these things, but I'm discovering how much time and effort crafts take. I guess that's why a lot of people don't bother. I've also discovered one other (slightly scary) side effect, which I'll blog about more in a future post.


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Time--the biggest reason I'm unable to craft anymore, although I miss it tremendously. When I get out my Christmas ornaments and see all the things I once had time to handcraft, I long for the days when I was actually bored. Meanwhile, my cross-stitch patterns and scrapbook items continue to pile up. Someday, I keep saying.

Katharine Swan said...

Amazing how the older we get, the less time we seem to have, isn't it? With me it's seeing the manuscripts from all the writing I did in high school that makes me wish for more time.


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